Operations Manager


About the job

Responsible for the daily running and management of the HelloConnect operations through effective planning and utilization of resources. Responsible for achieving defined KPIs in areas of productivity, cost efficiency, quality and sales conversion. Providing leadership and guidanceto all staff, in order to create and maintain a working environment of commitment and passion for excellent customer service, consistent with the DNA and values of HelloConnect.


  • Ensure adequate staffing with qualified resources to deliver services in accordance with defined KPI’s

  • Ensure full functionality of all operational systems and work closely with Corporate and local IT to safeguard against outages and disruptions

  • Develop and – if required – implement business continuity measures to ensure on-going service delivery

  • Identify opportunity to maximize workforce utilization and reduce shrinkage to improve productivity

  • Monitor performance on a daily basis and implement corrective measures if required


  • Maintain close relationships with stakeholders and clients to ensure that saleability of HelloConnect’s service portfolio is maximized

  • Analyze operational and qualitative performance and make recommendations on how to consistently improve service delivery

  • Address sub-standard performance immediately and establish agreed corrective measures, which are to be recorded and signed off in all cases

  •  Apply appropriate disciplinary action in cases of non-compliance and repetitive sub-standard behaviour or performance

  • Provide stakeholders with regular reports and updates on a monthly basis or ad-hoc if required


  • Provide leadership to all direct and indirect reports.

  • Develop motivational activities within approved budget framework

  • Responsible for self-development and continuous learning in the areas of leadership, performance reviews and feedback, as well as effective communication

  • Develop leadership team and introduce a succession planning strategy


  • Develop annual expenditure budget and ensure adherence to approved budget

  • Continuously seek to identify cost efficiencies through greater staff productivity, economies of scale and improved performance

  • Reduce unit costs as agreed in annual performance reviews

About HelloConnect:

HelloConnect is a subsidiary of HelloFresh, founded to address years of challenges faced in its own customer care. Leveraging our extensive experience in developing customer care tailored to the direct needs of HelloFresh, our solutions are hyper focused on serving high growth companies Located in Manila, Philippines, we are now making this service available to other companies to benefit from our experience, scale, cost savings and service level improvements.

About HelloFresh:

HelloFresh is a global leader in online food e-commerce! With our cooking boxes, we are leading the way in an enormously growing market. With delicious and refined recipes, we deliver the right fresh ingredients - in the best quality and right on your doorstep.


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