Training and Quality Specialist


About the job


To educate our support, sales and customer service teams by conducting classroom and online training sessions, creating training material and interactive courses. You will be required to assess the standard of service and coach any employees not meeting the center KPI’s. Your focus in the Training team will be to provide direction to the Training & Quality Coordinators and QA Coaches on site in Manila along with a focus to upskill and develop our customer care employees. You will ensure all onboarding training is completed on time and within budget. 

You will instill a high level of customer care standards within our team to improve our customer satisfaction & agent knowledge. Every customer touchpoint should shine, ensuring our customers only speak positively about their experience with the customer care team. 

You’ll provide effective leadership and people management while optimizing service delivery.





Quality of Service

Play an integral role in improving CSAT and help Customer Care department achieve KPIs set by management. Creating consistency and synergies in our approach, while identifying key areas that require improvement from training, knowledge management and quality perspectives.

  • Review Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys for better analysis of knowledge gaps and to improve customer experience, including ‘Red Alert’ and ‘Green Alert’ channels and assist Management Team on best actions

  • Evaluate customer care interactions both randomly and as a consequence of the customer survey results. Achieve monthly QA targets as a team effort.

  • A large portion of your QA should complete side by side, allowing agents to have live coaching. 

  • All agent trends should be addressed with the agent's Team Leader and should result in coaching with the agent.

  • Provide quality scores and feedback to team leads to discuss areas of improvement with their agents and opportunities for coaching.

  • Participate in calibration sessions; prepare and complete reports.  Collaborate frequently with the global QA team.

  • Be a point of escalation for customer complaints unresolved by agents or Team Leaders, use these calls to demonstrate your skills, leading by example.







Coaching & Training



You are responsible for onboarding training, upskilling and continued development of customer care agents and Team Leaders. 

  • Support a culture of learning and high-quality customer experience to meet or exceed our KPI's.

  • You should always have 100% competency as a Customer Care Agent, have a thorough understanding of customer’s needs and product knowledge requirements

  • Track new employees progress, catching development opportunities early and setting up peer partnering as required.

  • Develop digital and print educational material (e.g. presentations and manuals)

  • Organize regular classroom-style seminars about system or product features, complaint handling, necessary soft skills and sales techniques.

  • Conduct role-playing activities to develop interpersonal skills (e.g. negotiation, teamwork and conflict management)

  • Identify individual and team skills gaps


Schedule regular training sessions, our product and environment change frequently; agents should not be handling customer contact without appropriate training.

  • Work with the head office to ensure this is in line with the requirements of the business and schedules are updated accordingly. 

  • Identify common questions and pain point for agents and report them to the Training & Quality Manager to work on improving this experience for the agents.

  • Provide one-on-one coaching and group training sessions for agents based on your findings from the QA evaluations. 


LMS and knowledge management.

  • Alongside our Sydney based Training & Quality Manager you will keep all knowledge management systems along with LMS tool up to date and accurate allowing your team to have correct and accessible information.





  • Provide Team Leaders with accurate QA and training findings to ensure they can have precise performance management documentation for all agents.

  • Provide the CC Leadership Team with a weekly report showing your findings and implementations. 

  • All QA evaluations must be recorded accurately in PureCloud. 



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