You are in a position that requires you to manage and inspire a large number of Leaders within the Palawan site: you will report to the Operations Manager located in Manila, our HelloConnect head office.

You will lead the daily operations (across two locations) for your allocated market with the support of the Operations Manager: you will drive the vision for consistency in customer support standards across your market. You are responsible for working with the RTA team to ensure that the team is resourced each day correctly to achieve global service levels.

Ensure your team is performing and offering daily support for the customer care agents. You will work closely with the HelloFreshGroup stakeholders to drive performance. You will be responsible for achieving your allocated accounts KPIs in productivity, cost efficiency, quality, and sales conversion and providing leadership and guidance to staff to create and maintain a working environment of commitment and passion for excellent customer service, consistent with the DNA and values of HelloConnect.

● Responsible for the development of the operational talent pool by optimising the skills of the existing team, in partnership with our internal recruitment teams to attract the very best external talent; in line with the agreed framework, succession planning will be in place to ensure critical roles are filled, and individual talent is recognised.

○ Work with our HelloConnect recruitment and IT team to onboard new recruits into an inviting place to work.

○ Have succession planning for individuals with PDPs.

● Provide leadership to all direct and indirect reports. Provide your direct reports with appraisals and 1:1 meetings regarding agent development, and assist Team        Leaders in motivating their teams to reach Customer Care KPIs.

○ Allocate the daily workload.

○ Ensure schedules are on time and correct for the accounts needs.

● Successfully communicates and prepares your teams for upcoming peak periods, new products, and critical changes.

○ Roll out new processes coordinated with the OM and L&D team.

● Be across all HelloFresh projects and how these impact the Customer Care Team; training needs to be identified early to ensure the team is prepared for changes.

● Lead and inspire your team to achieve your allocated accounts KPI’s. Inspire your team to work collaboratively with each other and departments that enable the success of HelloConnect.

○ Address sub-standard performance immediately and establish agreed-on corrective measures, which are recorded and signed off in all cases.

○ Implementation of account intervention plans when KPIS are not achieved.

○ Regular review of performance metrics and calibration sessions with the quality teams

○ Work alongside the RTA’s

● Be in regular contact with HelloFreshGroup Management to ensure you are aligned with the current focus and lean on the team when support is required from HelloFresh. You must hold one team’ mindset.

● Lead by example by following all company policies and leading a team that follows. Leave management and return to work must be followed on time and fairly. All performance management conversations must be documented accurately and filed by HR. Apply appropriate disciplinary action for non-compliance and repetitive sub-standard behavior or performance.

● Work with the engagement team to ensure employees’ happiness is a focus.

○ Encourages employee involvement and engagement while upholding company values, mission, and vision.

○ Support employees struggling with their performance KPIs; ensure intervention happens early, and they are provided support.

● Provide regular feedback to the Operations Manager regarding the needs of the Palawan site in terms of IT resources/engagement activities/office environment

○ Develop and – if required – implement business continuity measures to ensure ongoing service delivery

○ Oversee procurement efficiency to ensure all needed supplies are set up within the timeline for onboarding of employees. (Headsets/workstations etc.)

○ Identify and address problems and opportunities for the company.

● Make sure all operations are carried on in an appropriate, cost-effective way.

○ Collecting and analysing Contact Centre data to understand current department performance and work on new ways to take the Customer Care department               to  the next level.

○ Support the Operations Manager with deep diving into areas of improvement; support in the creation of reports for business reviews.

○ Support the Operations Manager in improving operational management systems, processes, and best practices

○ Responsible for meeting business targets agreed.

● Support in executing operational strategies led by the Operations Manager or Director of Operations.